Fall Fabrics

Ah, it is my favorite time of year – the sweltering heat of the summer has been replaced by the crisper air of Fall – or at least what passes for Fall here in California. Time for fresh new notebooks on my desk, apple or pumpkin flavored everything in the kitchen and Lincoln Park After Dark on my nails.

Fall also means we can wear luxurious leather and fuzzy fabrics. While cozy, these materials and fabrics are also delicate and require a little extra TLC.  I know I can’t afford to dry clean my coat every time I spill coffee…which is basically every time I drink coffee…which is all the time.

As we bust out our cashmere sweaters and cozy coats, here are some secret weapons and tips for removing stains between dry cleanings and keeping them looking better longer.

My first tip is to invest in the best thing ever – aka a sweater pill shaver! They have them at Walgreens, Target, you name it and it has made sweaters and coats last SO much longer and look brand new! Best $7 I ever spent!

Other tools of the trade are also super easy to find and cheap as well!

  1. White vinegar #multi-tasker
  2. Cornmeal or baking soda #householdsuperstars
  3. Mild detergent (like Woolite)
  4. Bristle brushes

The most important thing is each fabric is different. Here’s some tips for dealing with the biggest divas in our closets.

You can try using a bristle brush – it’s not going to remove red wine but it can help it look so fresh and so clean clean.
For stains, BLOT BLOT BLOT.

Soo sensitive. Keep it COLD, cold water, cold air whenever you do anything. Lay it CAREFULLY to dry. Be prepared to pay for dry cleaning 🙂

Read More: How to Keep Your Winter Coat Looking Great

Protect it! I know you want to wear it right after you buy it but you’ll save yourself lots of heartache!
There’re lots of options out there as far as which is best – I’m in the market myself and will report back, but something is better than nothing! And remember to do it outside!
You need a soft cloth, and to mix any cleaner with warm water, and either one part mild soap or white vinegar.

A suede brush – meaning bristles, definitely not metal! – is your friend.
Spilled water or wine or water that turned into wine? Throw some cornmeal on the spill and let sit overnight. Then brush off in the morning! You can try a similar method with leather and baking soda.
For dry stains, brush first, then pat and blot with white vinegar using a clean cloth. It might be tempting but please, NO WATER!

Read more: http://stylecaster.com/how-to-clean-suede/#ixzz4JWJAUWdk

Generally for other fabrics
Try to limit washing!
Avoid the dryer! I bought a nice wood and plastic drying rack on Amazon – metal ones rust eventually! Remember that for delicate fabrics like cashmere sweater you must lay them flat. I keep old towels that aren’t nice enough to hang in my bathroom but work great for cleaning.
I’m telling you, that pill shaver! It’s amazing.

If you’ve come across anything wonderful, do tell! There’s nothing better than keeping a piece you love well-kept for longer.

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