Back to Basics: Flattery 101

I love clothes, I do. But I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista for two reasons:

The obvious one, which is that I’d sound like a tool

I’m less of a “Did you see this Phillip Lim’s new fall line?” type-of-girl and more of a “You can’t even tell these are from Old Navy” kind-of-girl

But there are some rules of fashion and getting dressed that transcend all levels of the fashion illiterate to the fashion designer. In the spirit of Fall, which makes me want to go back-to-school shopping, here’s a quick reminder of the key fashion basics.

Don’t let clothes make you feel fat or misshapen – they are the wrong shape, not you.

Only buy things that truly fit, you can move and live in, you’re comfortable in and you feel good in.

I’m super guilty of buying things without trying them on – BAD HABIT that I must break.

Start with a well-fitting bra and underwear.

Flattery is all about creating the lines, balance and proportions you want – like a clean line from hip to heel in pants, or a baggy top with skinny jeans.

Monochrome colors, black, dark colors and dark denim are slimming – period. Dark colors can be the color of the whole piece or strategically placed side panels or particular areas but they always do the trick.

Don’t go too baggy or hide in bulk. I know it’s tempting.
Crisp, structured fabrics like woven cotton or non-stretchy wool help hide, while

clingy material like jersey flaunts.

Heels, especially if you’re short like me, make you look taller and thinner. Best way to go is having your heels match the color of your bottoms.
Exposed legs? Nude heels.


Accentuate your waist. Belt, belt, belt. How about a dark belt? Bonus!

Don’t get too pissed if your body changes on you or you feel like you have to check every box in a magazine when it describes your body type.

I’m petite, busty, with athletic legs but also hips? No one size fits all

Know yourself and your body, and stay true to you! This is one of those things gets easier as your style matures and you get older.

Find what works for you and own it!

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