What to pack: Your gym bag

My gym bag is always simultaneously overflowing yet lacking some key essentials. I always feel really organized and together on Mondays and Tuesdays, but by Hump Day, the wheels start to come off. So let’s talk gym bags.

fitness equipment


1. Deodorant

2. Face & Body Wipes (for when you deck-change instead of showering! Don’t call me gross I know it happens to the best of us sometimes!), Oil-free or soothing for Sensitive Skin are best

3. Perfume

4. Baby Powder (or a fancier powder but I’m a simple gal! One great fancier option isΒ Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray)

5. Headphones (I have to keep a dedicated set in my gym bag so I never forget, I need my tunes)

6. Small plastic bags for your very sweaty clothes – this way they don’t stink up your bag!

7. Dry Shampoo #bestinventionever

8. Hair ties, bobby pins and headband

9. Brush or comb

10. Hair styling stuff for after (spray or serum)

11. Moisturizer for body (I’m obsessed with Amlactin!)

12. Tinted moisturizer for face

13. Clean clothes to slip on after (if you’re going after work or on the weekends!)

14. Towels (I like a big one for showering and small one)

15. Face wash and body wash (ideally something that doubles!)

For me, those are the things I need. Obviously that’s in addition to the basics like socks, shoes, sporty b (sports bra), a shirt and..OH YEAH, pants! But of course there are other fancy “nice to haves” to think about, such as:

1. Athletic Spray Powder (for anti-chafing)

2. Bandaids for blisters

3. A phone case or water bottle that can hold your key and/or card!

4.Β Some bronzer and other make-up to sweep on (you never know who you’re going to run into!)

Thing is, I’m sure I’ll have to add to this because inevitably I’ll be standing in my towel with one flip-flop on thinking, DARN! I shoulda packed X, so more to come! Hopefully I’ll gain some helpful wisdom in my life as a packrat before I get a new apartment. I’m thinking I’ll have a #getittogether post each week – Lord knows I have a lot to get together πŸ™‚

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